What doors are best for security?

What doors are best for security?

There has been a sharp rise in property crimes like burglary, break-ins, and thefts throughout Australia.  Due to this reason, it has become extremely crucial to take precautionary measures to prevent thefts and safeguard your family and property. One of the most popular safety measures to prevent theft is a Security Door. Installing the security door would prove to be your best decision as it will provide you with the utmost security and give you peace of mind. With a plethora of options available in security doors, it becomes quite hard to choose the best security door for your property. But here’s a quick solution. The security door that provides the best security, lasts long, has a sturdy frame, resists tampering, custom design, and complies with the Australian standards is the best security door for your property. I personally recommended if you live in Melbourne then must install screen security doors Melbourne best company

What doors are best for security

How to ensure if the doors are best for security?

Before you buy a security door for your property, you should always ensure if the door is best for security and right for your property. Here’s a guide to find the doors that offers the best security. These are some of the essential things you should consider when buying a security door for your property.

How to ensure if the doors are best for security


Australian Standards compliant-Security Doors

First things first, make sure that the Security Door you are investing in is rigorously tested and exceeds Australian standards.  There is a strict requirement for every security product to comply with the Australian Standards – AS5039 for manufacturing, AS5040 for installation, and AS5041 for testing methods.


Security Doors Warranty

Usually, the security doors are backed with a 10-year warranty. It is expected for security doors to last for years. You should invest in security doors from suppliers that offer such a great warranty.Custom built and design

You should get your security door custom-built for the perfect fit. A standard size security door won’t be an ideal choice for security and aesthetic reasons.


Must be Installed security doors by the professionals

Attempting to DIY is not a good idea. If the security door is installed wrongly, it won’t provide enough safety and security and can be easily damaged.

Must be Installed security doors by the professionals

Sturdy Frame and Infill

The security door frame is made using steel or aluminium. Both are equally sturdy. However, a steel security screen door is considered the most effective security door. For the infill, aluminium grille, steel bars, perforated aluminium, or 316 stainless steel mesh are highly popular.


Resistant to Corrosion and Fire

Always invest in a security door that has non-corrosive properties. Such a security door will last for many years. Also, make sure if the security door is resistant to fire and allows easy escape in the event of a fire.


Hinges and tamperproof locking system

A security door with three hinges and a tamperproof locking system is difficult for the burglars to remove. Therefore, you should check if your security door has these features.


Where to find doors that are best for security?

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